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Pro Kitchens Design

14209 S. Bell Rd.

Homer Glen, IL 60491

Office: 708-590-6648

Fax: 877-637-5997


Pro Kitchens Design - Ordering Process

    • Contact us and provide measurements or have us come out to take measurements for you.


    • Provide details about how you would like your new kitchen to look.


    • A detailed drawing will be made to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like.


    • Come to our showroom and the select color/cabinet style the best suits your style.


    • The design is then fine tuned to your exact specifications in order to make sure you are perfectly happy with the results.


    • The order is then placed with our suppliers and confirmation is received approximately 24-48 hrs later.


    • Depending on availability, the order will be shipped or ready for pick up in approximately 4-12 business days.


    • Once we have obtained your cabinetry you will receive a call from us to set up a delivery date.
Have Questions? EMAIL US or call (708) 590-6648